My Crush Has Been Taken 8 months ago

There is this female coursemate of mine, upon which I have had a serious crush right in second year. I wanted to propose, but I thought over it and was convinced that, she might not be the ideal lady for me, so I should take time to study her and also pray over it. So I got to befriend her and we have been studying together. She is a committed christian ( not NUPS-G member though). We've been friends for about a year now, and and in fact I like her character and attitude. Although I have been praying over it, I've had no revelation about her yet. As at this semester, our friendship has grown stronger and I can felt some degree of connection has developed between us. About two weeks ago, I did propose relationship to her and to my disappointment, she only told me that, I should have said it earlier, thus, I've been late to propose to her. She went further to tell me that, she has already engaged herself in relationship with another guy. This experience troubles me that, I don't even know what to do. Should I continue befriending her and hope that she'll understand me later; should I try proposing again; or detach from her and move on??? I need your advice, brothers and sisters...

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Team Member 8 months ago
Hi dear, I suggest you continue to pray over it and tell God to direct your path. She can still be your friend you just have to limit how much time you spend with her to help reduce the attraction.